Bernstein (Amber)

In this work of art, there are humorous and comic-like short stories. “16 stories that end on the same page, where they begin, but the stories continue and become completed in our minds. In his works, Hinz handles the perishableness and the surprising nature of life. Often in his works, there are funny characters that, despite their melancholic nature, leave the viewer with positive thoughts.” - Imprint : Risographie auf Schleipenwerkdruck. - Cover : Siebdruck Percy Penze. - Binding : Stefan Hiebert. - Publisher : Stralsund, Mückenschwein. – 1. ed., 300 copies – The work is associated with an exhibition also titled Bernstein. - There is also a 10-page attachment in English. - Signed by the artist


36 p. : ill. ; 31 x 21 cm