Blue tide = Maré azul : a true story : uma historia verdadeira

Photographs by Joakim Eskildsen ; text: Cia Rinne. - An edition of 800 copies.

Blue tide

"BLUETIDE tells, in photographs and text, about the power of the sea and its impact on the people in the little north-Portuguese fishing village Apúlia.
The village is situated at the Western coast of Europe, which is hit by rough winter storms every year, when sand masses are carried away with the waves. Several houses have already fallen into the sea and in a couple of years the whole village will be buried in the Atlantic Ocean. Nature shows its superior power to the people in Apúlia and is therefore always in their consciousness.
These people have a close relationship to nature – a relation that is alien to most of the people in Europe. The book was made in the period of 1995-97 and published in the Night of Arts 1997 at the INTO gallery." (Joakim Eskildsen)

44 p. : ill. ; 24x30 cm