Go (fünf)

An accordion book which comprises of five separate works bound together. On the cover is a Japanese character Go. A poem citation from Fernando Pessoa’s book Das Buch der Unruhe. The work has a humorous ISBN number 001-5-2011-08-1-5.


Five artists, five chapters, five worlds.

All five artist in one book, but each in their own room.
Bit by bit, while the reader unfolds the chapters new thoughts will be added, a new position, a new way of communication until the whole book is opened and takes up a wide space.
It is literally growing with each artist, with each new chapter.


The goal of making “GO” was to collect and connect.
To gather all of the thoughts and works, to show their similarities and differences.
Each artist represented in this book has a strong connection to the written word
and works simultaneously on texts and the drawn/painted line.

In order to create a book that covers all of these thoughts,
we developed an accordion book which carries in its folds five chapters, one for each artist.
So it is possible to see them separately in a compact form or, unfolded, together.

[68] p. : ill. ; 16 x 23 cm (opened 16 x 320 cm)