Kirjahyrrä (Book Whirligig)

Paperfolding. – ”Multiple thick folds have turned a flat, almost two-dimensional book-like object into a clearly three-dimensional object. As a new geometrical object it dares the beholder to see its starting point, a usual book, also as a book object. As for its spine it belongs to the continuum of lesser-known round-spined books.” (Niklas Bengtsson) – Unique piece of art.

Both works (Fluffy Pop-Up Book and Book Whirligig) deal with and comment on characteristics of a book. Although a book is an object, it is not perceived as such on a philosophical level. A book is most often perceived as a conventional textual and/or imaginary content. In addition to pictures and text, a book has also other dimensions that are seldom brought out in discussing a book. A smaller book, or a “book whirligig”, also exploits air or void, but it cannot be perceived as an airy immaterial object. Regardless of its small size it must be defined as an object.” (Niklas Bengtsson)

8 x 8 cm