Le mystère

An old book (Provinciales / Jean Giraudout, No. 5350/10 000), part of the text has been painted over with white paint. In the middle there is a multipage folded sheet "Lettre pour ciel, nous sommes en 1994 à Genève". Some of the leaves of the book have been cut off. - Mixed technique. - A unique copy, signed by the artist. - A donation from the Ministry of the Interior.

"This book terminated in May 2005 is the result of a process started ten years ago, when I was still a student in the Fine Art School of Geneva. I was interested in the dichotomy inside/ourside, looking through the window and seeing myself outside. Being outside and looking inside me. And in all of these situations, I was asking: where is the threshold that defines the transition from a space to a different space (if there is such threshold)?


Of course another element brought into this work is time. In this long period I witnessed the accumulation of years in my body, I found myself doing still the same mistakes and being pulled by the same fears. Therefore I couldn’t make an explosive work but on the opposite I had to express the continuum, something as the constant white noise." (Davide Giovanzana)

approx. 20 p.: ill. ; 21 x 15 cm