Myrsky-yöstä pois, vol. 1 (Away from a stormy night)

An accordion book. The colors on the pages, including the colors of the clouds made of sand and tapestry, change from dark shades, reminiscent of thundering skies, into lighter shades. On the bottom and top edges of the pages there are stitches made with a sewing machine. The stitches look like a pentagram, and the endings of the strings are visible. There are also some words cut out from an old choral songbook glued on the pages. On some pages, there are holes cut in the shapes of clouds. On the front and on the back cover there is greyish graphic art, and the back cover of the work is made of greenish velvet. The work can be closed with a black string. - Unic piece of art, signed by the artist.


22 p. : ill. ; 10 x 14 cm