Vera Hlebnikova

Artist Vera Khlebnikova of Moscow, comes from a family with deep roots in the cultural history of Russia. Her grandfather, Peter Miturich, was a well-known graphic artist of the 1920s and her great uncle was the famed futurist poet, Velemir Khlebnikov.

Vera Khlebnikova’s work is focused on the private lives of ordinary Russian people who lived before the revolution. Communism separated people and broke relationships; there was no need for the personal life in a regime that promoted communal living.

Vera bridges the loss of personal history imposed by seventy years of communism and reclaims time through artifacts like family photographs and pre-revolutionary postage stamps that evoke a sense of the people who once gave life to them. Her projects are lovingly executed as she has experienced a sense of wholeness through the discovery of her family heritage, dating back 150 years.

The bulk of the items she received were papers, receipts, a series of postage stamps commemorating the 300th anniversary of the Romanoff dynasty, letters, photos – things that connect people and families. Through her work, Vera believes that the lives of people today can touch those of their ancestors and they too can be whole again.

Vera Hlebnikova, curriculum vitae

St. Petersburg