RikArt Collection

An idea or form is at the heart of every Artist book and no two artists produce the same work. Each artist’s vision differs greatly from another’s, but they all challenge, protest or satirize the established idea of a book’s contents or appearance.

The Rikhardinkatu Library of Helsinki has been acquiring a collection of Artists’ books since 2000. Currently, there are approximately 400 pieces in the collection, with both Finnish and foreign examples well represented. We offer both unique and limited editions of Artists’ books and feature exhibitions of selected artists on a regular basis.

The collection is housed on the first floor (Finnish second floor) of the library. In addition to the Artists’ books themselves, we also maintain a limited reference library of books and other information on Artists’ books.

We are also proud to offer our collection virtually through our online internet site, The Rikart Web Gallery at http://www.rikart.fi/en/. Here you can view Artists’ works and discover more information about them, often told through their own words, as well as finding additional material concerning our Artists’ book exhibitions and other interesting links.

Emmi Martin and Petteri Volkoff