Genius Loci : vingt-trois itinéraires dans Marseille (Kaksikymmentäkolme kulkureittiä Marseillessa)

Teoksessa on ryhmitelty taiteilijan kotikaupungin, Marseillen, katujen nimiä tavallisuudesta poikkeaviin, absurdeihinkin listauksiin. - Mustavalkoiset kuvat. - Käsitetaidetta. -Digitaalituloste. - Kannessa teoksen nimenä kirjaimet G.L. - Painos 100 kappaletta.

”Street plans and street names of cities reflect the culture in which they originated. Street names are crystallized elements of this culture. They are small monuments, carefully chosen, made by the community in honour of ”Genius Loci”.

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Street names are usually entered into a register alphabetically. Such registers meet the need to localize an unknown element – a street – and subsequently retrieve it in a two-dimensional space – the street plan. In this book I have mapped out a number of routes in the city of Marseilles, my native city. Arranging the street names differently creates a different perception of the city. Each route has its own theme, such as: geometry, colours, desert, sea, animals, the four cardinal points, journey, war, oveseas departments and territories, 1+1+1, punctuation, etc. The elaboration of theme through the enumaration of street names is also a comment on the theme itself.

Each route makes palpable the richness, the absurdity and poetry of the language in street names. ”Impasse de l’Harmonie”, for instance, is a blind alley and ”Frans Vallon” is not an idyllic neighbourhood. To a certain extent, language can reconcile us with a stubborn urban reality, for ”Frans Vallon” turns out to be a ghetto on the outskirts of the city”. (Balta)


47 s. : kuv. ; 21 x 15 cm