Soliloquy on paraphernalia (Yksinpuhelu varusteista)

Teoksen sivuilla vaalein värein painettuja kuvioita harvakseen sekä englanninkielisiä, elämänohjemaisia tekstejä. Käsin sidottu ohuella pumpulinarulla, langanpätkät näkyvissä teoksen selässä. Ei nimiösivua, kannessa vain teoksen nimi. - Takakannessa merkintä 1/3 P.H.W. 2012. Kääritty pehmeään vaaleaan paperiin.

”As an artist one will find one self often asking the question, why am I doing this?
For whom? For me? Even though facing the potential failure one will still continue.
Trial and error are our companions and will in the end be as helpful, as success and achievements.

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I believe that as an artist one is constantly influenced by others, and that words we once read or
drawings we once saw will transform and find their ways into once own art:
“(..)telling the tales of someone else-a not you-(..) sometimes they are collections of lies, or maybe
stolen words, but who knows?”

In Soliloquy On Paraphernalia I took extractions of notes I’ve once taken, thoughts about art and life
accompanied by drawings. They seem to give an insight to more than one person.
While drawing or writing I often reveal different types of personalities.
I see drawing or writing as a form of performance. It is a possibility to let all the spectrum’s of ones
personality play and develop during the process.” (Patricia Hansen-Wagner)

12 s. : kuv. ; 27 x 15 cm