Sarah Bodman

"I started making artists’ books in the 1990s, I was in the college library and noticed a
book by Susan Hiller called Sisters of Menon on the shelf, I realised it was more than
a book, and so I started finding out more about artists’ books and my love of working
this way grew from there. My artists’ books are intimate objects which I want to
appear beautiful to lead the viewer into the underlying meeting point between the
opposites of tenderness and cruelty. Some recent works include: Viola, the story of a
serial killer baker; After Fallout; The Romantic Tradition Unleashed; Against Nature,
Closure – a story of the end of a love affair between a plane spotter and flower
arranger, Flowers In Hotel Rooms Volumes I-IV, and How Do I Love Thee, a
collaboration with JP Willis which explores the lengths people will go to, to keep their
loved ones close by. I have also produced a free download book An Exercise for
Kurt Johannessen, inspired by the Norwegian artist Kurt Johannessen whose work I
admire very much ( and another free
download book A Place of Interest, with the artist Tom Sowden, which we made en
route specially for the Doverodde Book Arts Festival and Exhibition in 2010 (http:// We also made a collaborative video
documenting the book and journey that can be viewed on YouTube (http:// My most recent work, Dinner and a Rose
was a collaboration with the poet Nancy Campbell, for the University of Dundee’s
AHRC project Poetry Beyond Text: Vision, Text and Cognition, which is
commissioning new work as part of an exploration into how readers respond to visual
aspects of poetry. Our tribute to Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley quartet, has included
hosting a dinner party, at which the meals and liqueurs mentioned in the books were
served. Nancy wrote her texts around the meal’s conversations and I photographed a
documentary of Ripley’s mise en place and dining experiences. A video of the dinner
can be seen at: (Sarah Bodman)


A selected personal gallery

Bristol, UK